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Image of the coracoacromial arch

Is That A Supraspinatus Or Subscapularis Issue?

Introduction Rotator cuff pathology is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. However, it is common for someone to get a diagnosis of a rotator cuff tear or dysfunction without specifying which rotator cuff muscle(s) is/are involved. The rotator cuff comprises four muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis. These muscles are regularly […]

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The long head of the biceps tendon

An Inside Look at Bicipital Tendinopathy

Introduction Bicipital tendinopathy is a frequent source of anterior shoulder pain. The condition usually arises from overuse or adverse forces affecting the tendon. It is common with overhead shoulder movements like swimming, tennis, or throwing. It can also stem from work-related motions. Distinguishing its pain from similar shoulder issues requires thorough assessment for accurate recognition. […]

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image of the ulnar nerve as it passes through Guyon's canal

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

Introduction Upper extremity nerve compression is a frequent concern for many clients and a painful condition that can cause serious work-related challenges. Understanding these problematic conditions is crucial. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common upper extremity neurological disorder, but ulnar nerve compression is more prevalent than realized. The ulnar nerve can be compressed in […]

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Alternate Causes of Anterior Hip Pain

A video of this piece can also be viewed on YouTube at: There was a post on a Facebook group earlier this week from an individual that was looking for some suggestions for how to elongate the inguinal ligament for a client that had hip pain. So there’s a couple of things that we […]

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Superior Cluneal Nerves

What in the World Are Back Mice?

Updated 01/31/2024 Introduction Back pain contributes significantly to disability and frequently leads people to seek out massage therapy. Often, back pain is diagnosed as “non-specific” due to the absence of identifiable tissue pathology. However, noted back pain researcher Stuart McGill, PhD, has often advocated that one of the main reasons there are so many diagnoses […]

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Hazards of Thumb Overuse

Updated 01/03/2024 Introduction Modern society requires a great deal of repetitive thumb use, especially from texting on mobile devices. A recent study investigated the frequency of text messaging among university students and found that close to half of these students were sending an average of 50 text messages per day. Many of them were experiencing […]

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