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Clinical Rehabilitative Massage

The Academy & NCBTMB Announce

New Specialty Certificate in Clinical Rehabilitative Massage

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Burr Ridge, Ill. —The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), in partnership with some of the profession’s most experienced educators, announces the profession’s first Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate. 

“For decades, stakeholders and professionals in our field have been looking for some type of recognized credential that can validate the training and experience of massage therapists who treat pain and injury conditions,” explains Academy Director, Whitney Lowe. “This specialty certificate program has been uniquely designed to address this deficit.”

The program prepares professionals to work in settings that require advanced clinical skills. It offers stakeholders, such as insurance companies, employers, and clients a way to validate a practitioner’s specialized training.

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About Lowe’s Training

The Academy’s training program is an innovative, comprehensive massage continuing education program in advanced, science-based clinical and orthopedic massage, personally taught by the highly regarded massage educator, Whitney Lowe.

Lowe empowers soft-tissue therapists with the therapeutic techniques and the analytical skills needed for successful treatment. Today’s clients seek massage treatment for a wide variety of complaints from sports, hobbies, daily living, and work related activities. Lowe prepares you for these challenges with protocols that integrate problem solving skills, important anatomical and kinesiological principles, and proven treatment techniques.

You will learn simple evaluation procedures so you can establish the best approach and a physiological rationale for your treatment plan. These protocols, along with highly effective treatment solutions, with make your treatments more efficient, sound, and successful.

Join us and learn why students rave about Whitney’s courses, from his hands-on workshops to his online program. Whitney cares about your success as a practitioner, and his training will energize your therapeutic work and your practice. Thank you.

 What is the difference between the online courses and the workshops?

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