Nicole Miller – Working With Veterans

Summary: In this episode Whitney talks with Nicole Miller about her extensive work with the veterans population. We cover important topics such as how massage therapy being supported by the VA, important skills a massage therapist would need to work with veterans, where can you get further training to work with this population, essential precautions […]

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Allissa Haines – Business, Success, and Change

Summary: How do we think about our business? In this episode Whitney talks with Allissa Haines of Massage Business Blueprint about pertinent business topics such as: What’s coming up for the new year? How to get more massage and bodywork clients? How to communicate with your client’s healthcare practitioners? And much more.   Whitney Lowe: Welcome to […]

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Season 3 Highlights – Best of the Thinking Practitioner

Summary: With a quarter-million downloads of The Thinking Practitioner to date, Whitney and Til share their top 5 episode highlights and notable ideas from their third season of interviews, conversations, and inquiries into the thinking behind effective hands-on work.   Whitney Lowe: Welcome and happy holidays to everyone. The Thinking Practitioner Podcast is supported by ABMP, the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. […]

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John Sharkey – Fascia, Length-Change, and Language

Summary: Is language important? Do muscles actually change length? Does posture matter? Is “fascia” a reductionist idea? Whitney and Til head straight down these rabbit holes (and more) in conversation with clinical anatomist John Sharkey.   Whitney Lowe: The Thinking Practitioner Podcast is supported by ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. ABMP membership gives professional […]

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Image 5
Atrophy of hand muscles (flatness of palm) from ulnar nerve compression
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Guyon’s Canal Syndrome

Introduction: The median nerve travels through a soft-tissue tunnel at the base of the hand. Nerve entrapment within the tunnel constitutes the most common upper extremity nerve entrapment, which we all know as carpal tunnel syndrome(CTS). People experiencing neurological symptoms in the hand often immediately suspect CTS as the cause. However, the median nerve is […]

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What We Might Learn From Sex (with Betty Martin)

Summary: What can we as bodyworkers can learn about intimacy, ethics, consent, touch, and boundaries, from people working on the other side of the no-sex “firewall” that (very appropriately) separates our profession from erotic and sex work? Betty Martin is a leading author, thinker, and trainer in the field of consent and touch; listen in […]

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Image 2
Synovial sheaths surrounding tendons in the distal extremities
Image is from 3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy application

Exploring Tendon Disorders

Painful tendon disorders are highly prevalent today and are most often associated with chronic overuse. Numerous other factors can also lead to these conditions. In this installment we’ll take a look at crucial elements of tendon structure, function, and common causes of tendon pain so we can best help our clients.   Tendon Structure and […]

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The Future of the Profession (with Sandy Fritz)

Summary: Whitney has a conversation with Sandy Fritz on her vision of the current and future state of the profession. Topics discussed include the current economy’s impact on the massage profession, innovative changes with the ICMT, the migration of massage employment to a “job,” and more.   Whitney Lowe: Books of Discovery has been a […]

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