Jules Mitchell – Stretching: Would Everyone Just Relax?

Summary: Whitney and Til have an in-depth conversation with Jules Mitchell (author of Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined) about topics like tissue change, flexibility, hyper-mobility as they relate to yoga and manual therapy.   Til Luchau: When I was looking for a publisher for a book I wanted to write, I was fortunate to have ended up with […]

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Back Pain, Stiffness & Fascia (with Stuart McGill)

Summary: Legendary back pain researcher Stuart McGill (author of Back Mechanic and others) talks with Whitney and Til about spinal pain, fascia, biomechanics and other topics   Til Luchau: The Fascia research Society invites the listeners of The Thinking Practitioner Podcast to the sixth international Fascia Research Congress in Montreal, September 10th through 14th, 2022. Eight keynote speakers, including […]

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Women Leaders in Massage Therapy (with CG Funk, Ruth Werner, and Irene Diamond)

Summary: Women account for about 85 percent of Massage Therapists in the US. However, there isn’t always a corresponding representation of women as CE providers, conference headliners, or in other roles of visible leadership. Whitney and Til explore this phenomenon in discussions with three women leaders: CG Funk, Ruth Werner, and Irene Diamond, just a […]

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The Handspring Story (with Andrew Stevenson and Mary Law)

Summary: Til and Whitney talk with Andrew Stevenson and Mary Law, two of Handspring’s founders, about some very big recent news, and about their unique vision of a place where both long-established authors, as well as promising newer voices, could all share their knowledge and advance our field. Til Luchau: When I was looking for a […]

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 The Future of Advanced Massage Credentialing

The massage therapy profession has come leaps and bounds ahead of where it was in its infancy in the 1960s. The field continues to develop and still has some growing pains as it faces contemporary challenges. The profession has diversified as it has matured and realized its true potential. Today, there are a host of […]

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Our Favorite Perspective Reversals

Summary: People change their minds– sometimes, radically. Learning, improving, refining, all involve changing how we saw things before. But is there a cost? And what makes changing our views such a challenge? Whitney and Til discuss the times their perspective took a 180° from how they used to think, and, about how that’s played out. […]

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Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Guide Assessment Questions

In the mid-1950s, Benjamin Bloom and his colleagues devised an organizational system for categorizing levels of learning and cognitive complexity. This system has been used extensively in curriculum development for all grade levels and in higher education. It has also more recently been modified and updated. The updated Bloom’s taxonomy model is precious for organizing […]

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Anne Williams and Eric Brown – Educational Innovations

Summary: Whitney talks with Anne Williams and Eric Brown about innovations in education, delving into topics such as early explorations of online education and the importance of instructional design.   Whitney Lowe: Hi, this is Whitney Lowe and welcome to the Thinking Practitioner podcast. This episode is sponsored by our wonderful friends at Handspring Publishing. […]

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Image 1
Infrapatellar tendon is often listed as the patellar ligament because of its connection between the patella and tibia
Image is from 3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy application

Biomechanics of Tendon and Ligament Tissue

Massage therapists focus a great deal of attention on muscles when addressing client’s pain and injury complaints. However, other soft tissues may also play a prominent role in various pain complaints. Tendon and ligament injuries comprise a significant number of musculoskeletal disorders. Understanding structure and function of tendons and ligaments and how they are injured […]

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