Welcome to the NEW Orthopedic Massage Certificate!

Did you know?

Lowe’s program is the only Orthopedic Massage Certificate (OMC) that is offered online. Professionals can advance their careers from anywhere, anytime!

The Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Certificate (CRM) is a hybrid program that includes the OMC and a hands-on component.

The OMC is a deep dive into the science, assessment, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and pain. Move beyond mere videos and PDFs and truly benefit from a program that gives you the comprehensive knowledge you really need, the time to understand and integrate it, and a teaching that keeps you engaged. Plus, you get to work directly with the provider that founded what is known as ‘orthopedic massage’ today.


    • Enjoy simple navigation and easy learning with the dynamic course design.
    • Stay engaged and interested with lessons that make learning interesting.
    • Condition-focused learning and case studies take the guesswork out of your treatments.
    • Fun activities that help you retain key concepts and techniques.


  • Self-paced – Learn at the speed that best fits you.
  • Flexible schedule – Choose the time and place that fits you. 
  • Reduced cost – No other program matches the cost-to-value of Lowe’s OMC!
  • More time to learn – Weekend crash courses simply do not last. Slow-drip learning is effective.
  • More in-depth study – It takes more than just knowing treatment techniques for effective care.
  • Personal attention from Lowe – You are not alone in this program.


  • Enhance your knowledge and skills in treating musculoskeletal issues.
  • Improve your client outcomes by addressing root causes of pain and dysfunction.
  • Increase your versatility and marketability in various healthcare settings.
  • Facilitate collaboration with healthcare professionals.
  • Gain personal and professional development opportunities.
  • Increase your demand and earning potential.
  • Benefit from protocols that emphasize self-care and injury prevention.

Lowe’s accessible teaching, advanced educational methods, and extensive expertise are all brought together in this unique educational opportunity.

  • Gain from working directly with Whitney Lowe
  • Learn injury-specific solutions for long-term pain relief
  • Use less effort with Lowe’s ‘Ladder of Engagement’ treatment model
  • Add to your repertoire with proven, outcome-based solutions
  • Gain insight into musculoskeletal conditions
  • Become adept at matching treatments to the condition
  • Master problem-solving strategies for targeted care
  • Hone up on anatomy & kinesiology to improve your success
  • Increase your learning with over 40 videos per course! (Watching optional)
  • Ramp up your credibility with the Orthopedic Massage Certificate program

INSTRUCTOR: Now, anyone, anywhere, can work directly with Lowe and benefit from his three decades of advanced massage expertise and savvy as an instructor.


  • Certificate in Orthopedic Massage: All 7 online courses 
  • Certificate in Clinical Rehabilitation Massage: All 7 online courses, plus two workshops. 
    • See CRM page under Certificates

COURSES: Register Here

  • Cervical: 12 CEs
  • Shoulder: 12 CEs
  • Lumbar & Thoracic: 12 CEs
  • Hip & Pelvis: 12 CEs
  • Knee & Thigh: 12 CEs
  • Foot, Ankle, & Leg: 12 CEs
  • Elbow, Forearm, & Hand: 12 CEs

DISCOUNTED PACKAGES: 2-course bundle or 3-course bundle, and Professional


  • 12 CEs per course (84 total) –
  • Immediately downloadable CE letter
  • Self-paced, access anytime
  • Flexible deadline: We do recommend 18 months
  • May continue to access after completion
  • CE Provider Approvals: NCBTMB, AMTA, All states
  • Instructor: Whitney Lowe


  • Lowe’s ‘Office Hours’ mentorship program.
  • Free supplemental course content.
  • Ongoing access.
  • Extensive video library.
  • Instructor guidance & communication.


  • A multimedia experience.
  • Engaging learning activities.
  • Videos of treatment & assessment.
  • Active learning design.
  • Case studies.
  • Basic massage skills is all you need.
  • Easily navigated LMS platform.


Full refunds if the course(s) have not been accessed. If minor course interaction, ask us if course cost may be applied to another product or workshop. Engagement in the course that indicates use will result in no refund. Email for more information.


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