Orthopedic Massage Online Certificate


This winter, I made significant updates to the Orthopedic Massage Online program!

The new design improvements give you a more efficient and effective learning experience. A key change is now the courses are condition-focused. You still learn my well-regarded HOPRS protocols, but now you learn specific protocols for each common pain and injury condition as well.

This approach offers several benefits:


  • Easier & simpler interface to navigate.
  • New, innovative design to make learning easy.
  • More videos for increased understanding and retention.
  • Engaging lessons and added features that keep you involved.
  • Condition-focused courses for a more targeted learning experience.
  • Step-by-step instructions for treating common pain and injury conditions.
  • Fun opportunities to check understanding and reinforce key concepts.

The program’s user-friendly interface and condition-focused design make it an invaluable reference for your practice, even after you finish the program.

We’re excited to share this updated program with you and look forward to hearing your feedback.


The Orthopedic Massage Certificate Program does a deep dive into the skills needed for successful and effective advanced treatment with massage.

Lowe’s accessible teaching, advanced educational methods, and extensive expertise are all brought together in this unique educational opportunity.

  • Gain from working directly with Whitney Lowe
  • Learn injury-specific solutions for long-term pain relief
  • Master Lowe’s highly effective ‘Ladder of Engagement’ model
  • Add proven, outcome-based solutions to your repertoire
  • Gain insight into musculoskeletal conditions
  • Become adept at matching treatments to the condition
  • Master problem-solving strategies for targeted care
  • Hone up on anatomy & kinesiology to improve your success


  • Self-paced.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Reduced cost.
  • More time to learn.
  • More in-depth study.
  • Personal help from Lowe.


  • Certificate in Orthopedic Massage: All 7 online courses (100 CEs)
  • Certificate in Clinical Rehabilitation Massage: All 7 online courses, plus Upper & Lower Body Workshops (132 CEs)
    • See CRM page under Certificates

COURSES: Register Here

  • Cervical
  • Shoulder
  • Lumbar & Thoracic
  • Hip & Pelvis
  • Knee & Thigh
  • Foot, Ankle, & Leg
  • Elbow, Forearm, & Hand

DISCOUNTED PACKAGES: 2-course bundle or 3-course bundle, and Professional


  • 14 CEs per course; 100 total online program
  • Downloadable CE letter
  • Self-paced, access anytime
  • Deadline: 18 months
  • CE Provider Approvals: NCBTMB, AMTA, All states
  • Instructor: Whitney Lowe


  • Lowe’s ‘Office Hours’ mentorship program
  • Free supplemental course content
  • Extensive video library
  • Instructor guidance & communication
  • Professional Program purchases get:
    • Lowe’s Collected Works Vol. 1 & 2


  • A variety of multimedia.
  • Interactive learning activities.
  • Treatment videos.
  • Case studies.
  • Anyone with basic massage skills can learn easily.


Full refunds if the course(s) have not been accessed. If minor course interaction, ask us if course cost may be applied to another product or workshop. Engagement in the course that indicates use will result in no refund. Email for more information.


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