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Lowe’s Orthopedic Medical Massage Training

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Whether from the convenience of your home or in-person in the classroom, the Orthopedic Medical Massage Training (OMMT) is a deep dive into the science, assessment, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and pain. 

Benefit from Lowe’s extensive experience as a skilled and accessible educator in both the online and hands-on environments. In both, enjoy working directly with the provider that pioneered the ‘orthopedic massage’ approach. 

Lowe’s Orthopedic Medical Massage Therapist (OMMT) TRAINING OPTIONS

Expanding and developing your client care is the best way to grow your practice.
It is also a great way to bring new enthusiasm to your work. 


  • Certificate as Orthopedic Medical Massage Therapist (OMMT): All 7 online courses, available anytime, anywhere

  • Certificate as Clinical Rehabilitation Massage (CRM): Hybrid with 7 online courses, plus two workshops. 


  • Detailed Content & Information: Over 40 conditions detailed.

  • In-depth Study: Dive into all aspects of treatment, assessment, plus more. 

  • Personal Attention From, Direct Access to Lowe.

  • Interactive, Engaging, Easy to Recall Learning. 

  • Access to Resources: Ongoing access to videos, content.

  • Convenience: Learn from anywhere with internet.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Lower tuition, no travel expenses.

  • Self-paced/No Deadline Learning: Relaxed learning.

  • Flexible Schedule – Learn when, where you want.


  • Hands-On Experience: Enhance tactile skills.

  • Supervision from Lowe: Answers to questions.

  • Direct Practice: In-person experience, immersion.

  • Engagement with Instructors: Dynamic learning.

  • Interactive Learning: Active participation and discussions.

  • Confidence Building: Gain assurance in skills.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with colleagues.

  • Focused Learning: Dedicated time without distractions.

  • Time Efficient: Great for last-minute CEs.

Help clients achieve lasting pain relief with Lowe’s cutting-edge training and protocols.


Gain superior outcomes by tailoring client treatments and mastering painful conditions.


Elevate your practice and impact lives through professional growth.


Gain credit toward Lowe’s highly regarded Orthopedic Medical Massage Certificates.

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