Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Training

Whitney Lowe's workshops

Join Whitney Lowe in these new Orthopedic Massage Training workshops.

    • Help clients achieve lasting pain relief with Lowe’s
      cutting-edge training and protocols.
    • Tailor your treatments and master orthopedic conditions
      for superior outcomes.
    • Improve your personal and professional development
      and reinvigorate your practice.
    • Gain credit toward Lowe’s highly regarded Orthopedic
      & Clinical Massage Certificates.

Ramp up your practice – enroll today!


Check back soon for the 2024 schedule!

A recent testimonial:
“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your class. It was undoubtedly the most informative and engaging seminar I have ever attended. Your passion and extensive knowledge not only satisfied my hunger for knowledge but also left a lasting impact.”
                                                                                                                Andres S., Orlando, FL

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