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Who Is Whitney Lowe?

One of the most frequent comments about Whitney Lowe by his students—online and in workshops—is how accessible he is. They also like how patient he is with their questions and how he expresses a real concern with their understanding.

Another aspect of Whitney that program participants love is his relaxed and friendly style, with a bit of goofy humor on the side. They like that he makes learning fun and brings lightness to content that can be dry and complex.

Whitney has always tried to make his courses fun and easy to understand, and students often note this in their evaluations. His courses are thorough, but taught in a way anyone can understand whether they have been in the profession a day or 30 years. 

Whitney Lowe

“My overarching goal as a massage therapist has always been to help relieve people’s physical pain. Early on, I dove into advanced massage treatment and research, pushing boundaries in traditional massage therapy. At one point, I also discovered that I really loved to teach. Today, I continue to gain immense pleasure in my work and teaching. 


For over three decades, Whitney Lowe’s dynamic Orthopedic Medical Massage training has cultivated exceptional massage therapists worldwide. Lowe specializes in advanced therapeutic treatments and established orthopedic assessment protocols. His extensive career includes advanced clinical work, research, teaching, hundreds of publications, and eight book chapters. Lowe’s Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy text, originally published in 1995, continues to be an industry staple (new edition due 2025). You can find his in-depth works in Massage and Bodywork Magazine and Massage Magazine, as well as Lowe’s Blog, his Thinking Practitioner Podcast (with Til Luchau), and on his YouTube channel.


In the 80s, Lowe mentored under and then partnered with Benny Vaughn, LMT, ATC, one of the profession’s most renowned sports massage educators and national sports team therapists. Vaughn pioneered a sports massage approach emphasizing established orthopedic assessment protocols. Lowe continued to develop a fully comprehensive system that integrated established assessment and advanced treatment techniques from across the field, with a focus on matching conditions with physiologically appropriate treatments. Today, Lowe’s system is a foundational core of variously named advanced treatment school programs, continuing education providers’ trainings, and advanced massage therapists clinical work. Lowe’s system is also what is mainly understood as ‘Orthopedic Massage.’

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