Image 2
Synovial sheaths surrounding tendons in the distal extremities
Image is from 3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy application

Exploring Tendon Disorders

Painful tendon disorders are highly prevalent today and are most often associated with chronic overuse. Numerous other factors can also lead to these conditions. In this installment we’ll take a look at crucial elements of tendon structure, function, and common causes of tendon pain so we can best help our clients.   Tendon Structure and […]

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The Future of the Profession (with Sandy Fritz)

Summary: Whitney has a conversation with Sandy Fritz on her vision of the current and future state of the profession. Topics discussed include the current economy’s impact on the massage profession, innovative changes with the ICMT, the migration of massage employment to a “job,” and more.   Whitney Lowe: Books of Discovery has been a […]

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Fascia Research Congress Highlights

Summary: Til & Whitney share their takeaways, impressions, and highlights from the recent 6th International Fascia Research Congress in Montreal. Topics include: New research correlating tissue qualities with depression Biomechanics of thoracolumbar fascia Counterintuitive findings about Ehlers-Danlos Fascia and elastic recoil Should we massage tumors?   Whitney Lowe: Welcome to The Thinking Practitioner. The Thinking Practitioner […]

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Image 5
Leg length discrepancy and SI joint dysfunction. 
Longer leg produces higher pelvis on that side and tilt of pelvis to opposite side.
Image courtesy of Complete Anatomy

Current concepts in sacroiliac joint dysfunction

The sacroiliac (SI) joint is one of the most interesting joints in the body. There actually isn’t a single sacroiliac joint, but rather a left and right SI joint. This joint is the articulation on the posterior side of the pelvis between the sacrum and the ilium. The sacrum is essentially a wedge held in […]

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Sacroiliac Joints: The Next Level (with Til Luchau & Whitney Lowe)

Summary: Whitney Lowe and Til Luchau dive deep into their differing (and shared) approaches to sacroiliac joint pain, pelvic anatomy, biomechanics, and much more, all in celebration of Whitney’s recent SIJ article and Til’s upcoming live-online hands-on training.   Whitney Lowe: The Thinking Practitioner Podcast is supported by ABMP, the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. […]

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Ruth Werner – Long Term Lyme Disease: What Helps?

Summary: Can massage and bodywork help with long-term Lyme Disease? The answer has implications for working with similar conditions such as long COVID, post-viral syndromes, and more. Til Luchau talks it through with pathology writer Ruth Werner.   Til Luchau: The Thinking Practitioner Podcast is supported by ABMP, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. ABMP membership […]

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Cal Cates – Intimacy, Sex & Massage: Strange Bedfellows?

Summary: Til Luchau talks with Cal Cates about “massage therapy’s sex problem:” how the profession’s “touchiness” about the intimacy-sensuality-sexuality continuum, however well-founded, might not be serving either our clients, nor ourselves.   Til Luchau: Hi. This is Til and The Thinking Practitioner podcast is supported by ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. ABMP membership gives […]

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Fascia & Pain: What We Know (with Helene Langevin)

Summary: Famed fascial researcher Helene Langevin MD talks with Til and Whitney about what we know (and don’t know) about the role of tissue stiffness in pain; the effects of stretching on cell function and inflammation; contextual effects and placebos; and much more.   Whitney Lowe: The Fascia Research Society invites listeners of The Thinking […]

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