Massage Therapy Research (with Niki Munk)

Summary: Whitney talks with Niki Munk about massage therapy research, delving into important topics such as levels of evidence, why massage therapists should care about research, and how to get involved.   Whitney Lowe: Hello, this is Whitney Lowe and Books of Discovery has been a part of massage therapy education over 20 years. Thousands of […]

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Image 2
Image courtesy of Complete Anatomy

Current Concepts in Patellofemoral Pain

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a term that describes generalized anterior knee pain around or under the patella. Overactivity and excessive mechanical load on the patellofemoral joint are the leading causes. There isn’t an apparent tissue dysfunction for the pain, but several factors may contribute to the discomfort felt during movement. Below we discuss key […]

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Physical Therapy Assisting and Massage (with Matt Gavzy)

Summary: Whitney talks with massage therapist and physical therapy assistant Matt Gavzy about working in a team practice with other professionals, and about integrating massage therapy with physical therapy approaches.   Whitney Lowe: Welcome to the Thinking Practitioner. This episode is sponsored by our wonderful friends at Handspring Publishing. Their catalog has emerged as one […]

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Image 2
Posterior components of the motion segment
Image is from 3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy application

The Motion Segment of the Lumbar Spine

Joint motion is usually described as a movement between two articulating bones. That is an accurate description of joint mechanics at most skeletal joints in the body. Spinal motion however is more complicated, as it involves multiple joints. It also includes many soft-tissues spanning those joints. In this issue we look at the complexities of […]

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What Influenced You? (with Whitney Lowe and Til Luchau)

Summary: Whitney Lowe and Til Luchau compare notes about the major influences on their own careers in massage and education.   Whitney Lowe: Hi, this is Whitney Lowe and Books of Discovery has been a part of massage therapy education for over two 20 years. Thousands of schools around the world teach with their textbooks, […]

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Figure 4
Posterior view of the right foot showing lateral deviation of the distal calcaneus in calcaneal valgus
Mediclip image copyright (1998) Williams & Wilkins. All Rights Reserved.

Clinical Relevance of Overpronation

If you’ve ever worked with competitive runners or others with active lifestyles, you’ve likely encountered the term overpronation (also called hyperpronation). Overpronation can be a challenging biomechanical pattern leading to multiple lower extremity disorders. It can also be an incidental finding that exists, but is not causing a person’s current pain complaint. The trick for […]

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Judith Aston – Two Guys Talking to Women: Outside the Box

Summary: Til Luchau asks pioneering movement and bodywork teacher Judith Aston “Do you think being a woman ever held you back?” Then, they talk about what she thought of that question.   Til Luchau: The Thinking Practitioner Podcast is supported by ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. ABMP membership gives professional practitioners like you a package, […]

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Figure 3
The Morton’s test for identifying Morton’s neuroma
Image is from 3D4Medical’s Essential Anatomy application available on the App Store.

Working with Morton’s Neuroma

Foot pain is a common occurrence in our society. Whether it is standing all day on your job, or giving your feet a serious challenge by running long distances on pavement, the feet certainly can take a beating.  Most everyone would agree that it feels great to get your feet massaged, and massage therapy can […]

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deep stripping to the infraspinatus with active medial rotation

Shouldering the Challenge of Suprascapular Neuropathy

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. The challenge with such extensive mobility, however, is that mechanical support and function relies heavily on the soft tissues. Consequently there are more soft-tissue disorders in this region. Bursitis and rotator cuff pathology are common diagnoses for soft-tissue shoulder pain. While both of these occur, […]

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A Fine Irish Visit (with Aubrey Gowing)

Summary: Whitney Lowe and Til Luchau catch up with Aubrey Gowing about the practice of massage and bodywork in Ireland. Aubrey is Senior Instructor at the Holistic College Dublin and past President of the Irish Massage Therapists Association.   Til Luchau: The Thinking Practitioner podcast is supported by ABMP Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. ABMP membership […]

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