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Image of modification of the tethered median nerve stress test

Suggested Variations on Standard Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Assessment Tests

Introduction Mention carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and most think of it as the leading upper extremity nerve entrapment issue. It is prevalent, especially among women and in certain professions involving extensive upper extremity use. Jobs with high-velocity, high-force labor, vibrating tools, or repetitive motions, like assembly-line work, increase CTS risks. Massage therapists are also particularly […]

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Image of a Baker's Cyst

What is a Baker’s Cyst?

A Baker’s cyst (or popliteal cyst) is a fluid-filled cyst that develops behind the knee and is usually a sign of another condition. Anatomy & Pathology Baker’s cysts develop posterior to the knee joint and are usually found directly behind the medial femoral condyle between the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle and the semimembranosus […]

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clinical massage image

What is Clinical Massage?

Healthcare vs. Personal Care Massage There are two main categories of massage therapy: personal care and healthcare massage. Personal care massages are typically offered with the primary focus on general relaxation or wellness enhancement. It may be provided in spas, salons, private massage clinics, health clubs, or other locations. Healthcare massage targets a wide range […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 15: Robert Schleip: Talking to Fascia, Changing the Brain, 20 Years Later

Til Luchau: Hi, this is Til Luchau. Today’s episode is sponsored by Handspring Publishing. Handspring did a superb job when they published my own Advanced Myofascial Techniques books, specializing as they do in unique titles for physical therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, and other professionals who as they say use touch or movement to help clients […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 07: Scoliosis and Manual Therapy

Listen to the audio podcast of the episode by clicking here   Whitney Lowe:                 So, welcome everybody to this episode of The Thinking Practitioner. Til, how are you today? Til Luchau:                          Doing great, Whitney. Thanks. Whitney Lowe:                 Good. Well, we’re going to be diving into some lateral curvatures today I think is our topic. I […]

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