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Professional Orthopedic Massage Program


Whitney Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Program, the Professional Level, is a cost-saving package and one of the massage profession’s most respected, advanced massage training programs.


Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Program

This is the foundation program for the new NCBTMB Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate, for more information go to the Academy website or this link: CRM Specialty Certificate

Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Professional package is one of the massage profession’s most respected, advanced massage training programs, personally taught by the highly regarded massage educator, Whitney Lowe. It is an innovative, comprehensive massage continuing education program in advanced, science-based clinical and orthopedic massage.

The Professional Program is a convenient online program and has the added benefit of qualifying you to sit for the National Certification Board’s new Specialty Certificate in Clinical Rehabilitative Massage (after also finishing 2 hands-on workshops, available by various CE Providers across the country).

Lowe empowers soft-tissue therapists with the therapeutic techniques and the analytical skills needed for successful treatment. Today’s clients seek massage treatment for complaints from sports, hobbies, daily living, and work related activities. Lowe prepares you for these challenges with protocols that integrate problem solving skills, important anatomical and kinesiological principles, and proven treatment techniques.

You will learn simple evaluation procedures so you can establish the best approach and a physiological rationale for your treatment plan. Your treatments will become more efficient, sound, and targeted to the problem your client is facing.

Join us and learn why students rave about Whitney’s courses, from his hands-on workshops to his online program. Whitney cares about your success as a practitioner, and his training will energize your therapeutic work and your practice.

With this convenient package, you get all elements of the full program at a discount. Anyone can take the individual courses, but with this package you get all of the following at a significant discount:

  • Supplemental course content (online and downloaded)
  • Extensive video library
  • Interactive course learning activities – including assignments submitted to Whitney Lowe
  • Personalized guidance & instruction from Whitney Lowe, all questions answered
  • All 7 online courses (Hip/Pelvis; Knee; Foot/Ankle; Cervical; Shoulder; Forearm/Hand; Lumbar/Thoracic)
  • Free copy of Lowe’s Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy
  • Ongoing access to integrated video & course content
  • Free 30 minute final consult with Whitney (clinical case or business advice)
    • 130 Total continuing education credits
    • No timelines or deadlines
    • Reg. $750 (purchased individually – $998)

CE Provider Approvals: NCBTMB, ALL States including GA, MS, TN, FL, TX, NY, ID ABMP, AMTA

Online Course Description:

These are not your ordinary massage online courses, but innovative courses that integrate over 250 videos, a variety of other media such as graphics and audio, and are interactive in nature. They bring to the massage profession some of the best educational methods available in online learning and training.

Rather than being left on your own to navigate complex material and information, you are guided through your learning via a progressive online learning platform that is robust enough to keep you engaged and actively participating in your learning.

Lowe uses progressive applied learning methods and designs that allow you to integrate and retain your new learning, knowledge, and skills. While the courses are challenging, they are not hard. Because of Lowe’s significant background in education and instructional design, you will find your learning interesting, “easy”, and efficient.

In Lowe’s programs, you will enjoy massage continuing education that is convenient and affordable, but also gives you lifelong skills immediately valuable to your clients.

Courses included: Cervical * Lumbar/Thoracic * Hip & Pelvis * Shoulder * Knee & Thigh * Elbow, Forearm, & Hand * Foot, Ankle, & Leg



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