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Who is the Academy?

The Academy has Three Key Goals, to Engage the Mind & Heart, Offer Opportunity & Ability and to Help Others

Get To Know The Academy

We know it sounds sappy, but here at the Academy we really do want to help relieve pain and suffering in the world. Notably, the founder, Whitney Lowe, believes so strongly in this mission he does not stop at the human species, but includes wildlife and animals too, donating time and money to rescues. He’s also a big fan of the Massage Therapy Foundation and other charitable organizations helping humans.

Back to human pain though. Lowe’s research, writing, programs, and books center on how to treat musculoskeletal disorders and pain. Yeah, lots of educators teach that now. Frankly, you have a lot of choices in the marketplace of advanced clinical massage. But, we do it a bit differently here.

Lowe’s original programs were entirely workshop based. But his students continually asked for more in-depth study and content. Sadly, the workshop format simply does not provide the time for this level of study – and quite simply it would have been costly.

So Whitney put his research and study talents to work learning how to create advanced online learning programs that would give students as much depth as they wanted, the time they needed to work at that level, more content and exploration of how all the aspects of advanced massage work together, and – here’s the clicker – all of it at an affordable price.

Finally, Whitney’s students have always asked for more time with him. He does this in workshops by limiting class size. In the online program – well you have an email that is set up solely for his students, your personal connect to Whitney. And yes, being the nice guy he is, he answers your emails – a lot, all day, on weekends.

Testimonials you read through these web pages show how much Whitney’s students really enjoy and benefit from his personal attention to their questions, ideas, and comments. You’ll also read people’s thoughts on what you actually get out of doing Whitney’s courses, workshops and online engagement.

Here’s that dry History element:

Lowe founded the Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute (OMERI) in 1995 after years of doing clinical work and teaching on advanced massage therapy. His clinical work has always been associated with medical professionals in some way, from Emory University to physical therapy offices.

He wrote the sports massage curriculum for the Atlanta School of Massage, and was mentored by Benny Vaughn, teaching with him for several years. And then he wrote the first Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy text (originally Functional Assessment), which took the profession by storm. It was the first time assessment was made a focus of an educational program.

Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage program emerged out of all this background, education, and experience.

OMERI was renamed the Academy of Clinical Massage a few years ago because the term ‘Orthopedic Massage’ was losing its meaning with the wide diversity in how people used it. Other providers were using it to mean specific types and techniques of massage. That was not how Whitney meant the term when he wrote the book on the subject, Orthopedic Massage: Theory & Technique.

Frankly, what we teach here are advanced therapeutic skills in a super in-depth way, in a unique and highly effective learning platform, with Whitney as your instructor and mentor, and with enough time and study given to you that you retain what you’ve learned and can really benefit from it – all at an affordable price.

And, what you learn is broadly applicable to pretty much any type of practice, from spa and relaxation to condition-specific massage.

Everyone can benefit from the foundational skills and education Whitney brings to his courses.

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