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Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Certificate

Clinical Rehabilitative Massage training is your path to a career in a variety of clinical massage settings.

Whitney Lowe’s highly respected Orthopedic Massage Online Program is the core of the training. Please see Whitney Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Certificate.


  • Online Core Program:
    Take all 7 orthopedic medical massage online courses.

  • Hands-on Courses:
    Take 2 seminars – one 16-hour upper and one 16-hour lower-body. Or, a combination seminar.

  • Take online courses and seminars in any order.


  • Some other provider seminars may qualify.

  • Please email us for guidance on what providers may qualify. 

  • Seminars must be pre-approved. 


  • Completion of Lowe’s 7 online courses from any year. 

  • Any 16 – 32 hour seminar by Lowe previously completed will apply.

  • Email the dates and locations of the seminar to the Academy email.

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