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Clinical Rehabilitative Massage

Workshop Options for the Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Program!

You do not need to take the required workshops with Whitney Lowe.

There are a lot of excellent instructors out there whose courses will meet the requirements.

Find out if workshops you have already taken or want to take will qualify by sending us an email.




To Qualify for the Certificate:

  • Take 32 hands-on CEs (16 hours of upper body and 16 hours of lower body assessment and treatment)
  • Send completion certificates to the Academy at [email protected]

Providers and Criteria for Workshop Approval

  • Most nationally known CE providers who teach advanced therapeutic massage qualify.
  • Local providers may qualify if they have the qualifications and teaching background.
  • Please send an email with the following to confirm the workshop qualifies:
    • CE provider/instructor name – we approve based on instructor, not just a company
    • Company and history
    • Workshop title
    • Workshop description
    • Dates
    • Hours
  • Workshop must include both assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries.
  • Workshpp should focus on science-based and evidence-informed perspectives on treating pain and injury conditions.
  • Providers/instructors must have adequate teaching qualifications.
  • Additional documentation of content and instructor qualifications may be required.
*We do not approve workshops that are promoted by large, corporate entities that do not feature a particular instructor.

Finding Providers

  • National listings of AMTA, ABMP, Massage Today, Massage Magazine
  • Local AMTA Chapters
  • Note: courses taken at national or local conferences do not qualify, unless they are full pre or post conference workshops.

Please contact us to find out if a course qualifies if it is not a usual course or not provided by a recognized national provider that we have pre-approved.

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