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Hands-On Workshops

Lowe’s Schedule: 

Atlanta, GA: Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Upper Body

Partner Providers Schedule: See Schedule Here

Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Qualifying Workshops

  • To qualify for the  Specialty Certificate, the learner is required to have 32 hours of hands-on training
  • Certificate  may take workshops with Whitney Lowe or Partner Providers approved in the CRM program (see Schedule).
  • Participating instructors in this program have been specifically selected because of their unique contributions to advanced massage training.
  • Providers have core similarities in their training, however each instructor has their own unique approach and treatment modalities that they prefer. Learners may choose whichever educator they feel fits their needs most.
  • Please see the schedule for a location and provider near you: CRM Schedule
  • MORE WORKSHOPS may be available, please see your choice of provider for full list of courses offered. Confirm choice with the Academy to ensure course qualifies toward CRM Certificate.

Hands-On Training with Whitney Lowe

Limited workshops in 2019 – Whitney is on semi-sabbatical as he finishes an exciting project!

Lowe’s trainings are dynamic, fun, and engaging. You will improve your treatment skills and explore the assessment protocols that will increase your success with common soft-tissue injuries and pain conditions. Your clients will greatly appreciate your new knowledge and you will be able to expand your practice into a high-demand type of massage.

Increase your skills with the following:

  • Innovative & evidence-based treatment strategies
  • Important anatomical landmarks & biomechanics
  • Foundational assessment principles & testing
  • Pain patterns, conditions, and structural issues
  • Clinical neurodynamics: key concepts of neural pathology

Learn to make wise choices in your treatments. Lowe’s training helps you become a more thoughtful and savvy therapist, with highly effective treatment protocols to meet your clients’ needs.

Added bonus — Gain one of the highest regarded certificates available in the profession.

Key Objectives:

  • Understanding why treatments function and how they are effective
  • Learn the why, what, and how so treatments are based on sound problem-solving
  • Develop a more satisfying practice and loyalty from your clients

 Lower Body

Lower body and extremity orthopedic disorders are extremely common today. This course covers conditions and biomechanical issues of the lumbar spine, hips and pelvis, and lower extremity. We explore how this entire region is fundamentally interconnected, and how conditions thought to be in the extremities can originate in the lower torso and hip/pelvis region. We also explore nerve related dysfunction.

Conditions covered: complicated low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, piriformis syndrome & other nerve impingement conditions, iliotibial band friction syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome & other knee injuries, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, neurodynamic testing and nerve mobilization techniques.

Upper Body

Upper body and upper extremity orthopedic disorders are a virtual epidemic with our technological and busy lives today, especially in the occupational sector. Areas such as the shoulder have very complex biomechanical arrangements that are highly reliant on proper soft-tissue function for their optimum health. This course covers conditions and biomechanical issues of the cervical and upper thoracic region, as well as the extremities. We explore how this entire region is fundamentally interconnected. We also explore disorders caused by damage or dysfunction to peripheral nerves, which make up a huge percentage of upper extremity complaints.

Conditions covered: cervical disc herniation, thoracic outlet syndrome, whiplash and related cervical strain injuries, upper torso trigger points/dysfunction, shoulder impingement syndrome, rotator cuff pathology, internal shoulder joint pathology, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel and pronator teres syndromes, and many others.

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