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Figure 3 Z-Plasty incision pattern

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Introduction As the population of the country ages, massage practitioners should be aware of various diseases and conditions that are increasingly common in an older age group. One such condition is a connective tissue disorder that affects the palmar fascia of the hand, called Dupuytren’s contracture. The primary structure affected in Dupuytren’s contracture is the […]

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Flexor Pulleys

Flexor Pulleys of the Fingers

The human hand is critical to our daily activities, especially as massage practitioners. Yet, rarely do we stop and consider what an engineering marvel the hand actually is. The human hand is capable of fine precision movements as well as generating large forces during grasping activities. The skeletal structure of the hand and fingers is […]

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Working the patellar retinaculum

The quadriceps group contains some of the largest muscles in the body. They are highly active during lower extremity locomotion, such as running, jumping, and even in simple activities like walking. Problems in the quadriceps group can often lead to numerous disorder such as patellar tendinosis, chondromalacia, or the elusive anterior knee pain of patellofemoral […]

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What is Trigger Finger?

Have you ever heard the term, Trigger Finger, and wondered what is really occurring? The condition gets its name for the locking and snapping motion of the finger that is caused by finger tendons binding against an adjacent retinaculum. Tendons in the hand and fingers must bend around sharp angles in the numerous joints they […]

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The Mechanical Function of Retinacula

One of the unique mechanical properties of our musculotendinous structure is the presence of a retinaculum (plural: retinacula) around many of the body’s joints. A retinaculum is a band or membrane that holds an organ or part in its place. It may also be defined as a thickening of the deep fascia in distal portions […]

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