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Image of Whitney teaching a continuing education course

The Crucial Role of Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

Updated 04-11-24 Overview In the dynamic field of massage therapy, continuing education isn’t just a requirement—it’s the cornerstone of professional growth and client care. Beyond the soothing touch, massage therapists serve as integral members of healthcare teams, offering vital support to individuals grappling with medical conditions and chronic pain. Ongoing education not only enhances skills […]

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Location of symptoms in relation to nerve fiber innervation of muscles

Deciphering Elusive Symptoms of Nerve Injury

One of the most challenging situations facing practitioners who work with pain and injury conditions is correctly interpreting nerve injury symptoms. It seems that in so many massage therapy training programs the nervous system gets only cursory attention, yet pain originating in the nervous system is a critical factor that drives people to our practices. […]

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The Potential and Challenge of Online Learning

Introduction In the last decade, the popularity, availability, and complexity of internet-based learning increased dramatically.  The most noteworthy and significant changes are in the educational and technological strategies created by developers working in advanced online education platforms. While the massage profession may be slow to adopt advanced forms of online learning, the influence of online […]

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