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Ending position of ULNT 1

Exploring Upper Limb Neurodynamics

Nerve compression is a recognized cause of soft-tissue pain and disability for many. Nerve compression syndromes, and especially upper extremity nerve disorders, came to the forefront in the last few decades as a result of increasing injuries among those whose occupations require repetitive activities. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)  is the most well-known of the upper […]

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Head Posture and Myofascial Pain

Sun A, Yeo HG, Kim TU, Hyun JK, Kim JY. Radiologic assessment of forward head posture and its relation to myofascial pain syndrome. Ann Rehabil Med. 2014;38(6):821-826. This study attempts to evaluate computer terminal related forward head posture. Forward head posture exaggerates an anterior curve in the lower cervical region and posterior curve in the […]

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