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Welcome to the new Resources page!

As a handy and easy way to refer to all of the articles and other links I provide on my blog post and facebook page, I will be posting them here. Please be patient as I gradually add the most recent links and others.


Whitney’s Blog Post Highlights

The Role of Continuing Education for Massage TherapistsThis post discusses some important factors not often discussed about the role of CE in massage therapist training and recognition.

The Myth of the Pain ReceptorsMany of us were taught that we had pain receptors all over our body. Recognizing this is not quite true greatly shifts our understanding of how pain is processed and how we can best work to address it.

Is It Time to Reconsider Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy has been mainstay of rehabilitative practice for decades. However, new research is causing us to re-think the strategy of how and when to use it.


Valuable Clinical Research Papers

Fluoroquinolone-Associated Tendinopathy of the Hand and Wrist: A Systematic Review and Case ReportTendon disorders don’t always come from overuse. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause tendon pathology unrelated to overuse.

The biomechanical model in manual therapy: Is there an ongoing crisis or just the need to revise the underlying concept and application? This is a thought-provoking paper exploring the underlying theories for numerous manual therapy approaches. There is a great deal to consider in how these new ideas may influence our practice.

Intraarticular lesions in primary frozen shoulder after manipulation under general anesthesia. Another reminder why manipulation under anesthesia may not be a good idea for frozen shoulder. Many gained additional range of motion, but at the expense of other injuries caused by the manipulation.


Whitney’s Pick of Rehabilitation Science Resources

Science versus Experience in Musculoskeletal Medicine – Some more thought-provoking ideas from Paul Ingraham on how we look at treatment ideas and concepts scientifically vs. our own experience filter.

Manual Muscle Testing – This is a very good read on the history of manual muscle testing by Rhys Manchester. There are numerous fallacies in the way much muscle testing is performed and this piece highlights many of those issues.

Why I Put Strength on Dysfunction An interesting perspective from Greg Lehman about why it may not be necessary to fully correct faulty mechanics before strengthening for a pain or injury complaint.

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