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Portland, OR : Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Lower Body


Porltand, OR: September 8-9. Advanced clinical and orthopedic massage training workshop for low back, hip/pelvis, and lower extremity pain, injury, and structural problems. Massage tables at location!


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Advanced clinical and orthopedic massage training workshops for low back, pelvis, and lower extremity pain, injury, and structural problems.

Class Title:  Orthopedic & Clinical Massage: Lower Body
Location: Portland, OR
Dates: Saturday & Sunday, September 8-9
Times: 9 am – 6 pm
Instructor: Whitney Lowe 
Cost: $340
CEs: 16 CEs, plus 4 optional online
Seating: Limited, sign up early
Approvals: NCBTMB, AMTA, and ALL States

**  Massage tables at location!






Learn one of the most highly respected systems of advanced clinical massage available today.

Lowe’s training provides evidence-based and cutting-edge treatment techniques in addition to the critical assessment protocols that allow you to problem solve for the most effective treatment. These clinical skills have wide ranging applications from sports or work injuries to overall wellness massage.

Lowe’s innovative training will help you construct the most appropriate and effective treatment plan for your clients. You will also learn a diverse set of advanced treatment tools that don’t overtax your body. Lowe’s problem-solving strategies will give you important insight and allow you to make strategic and effective decisions for resolving your clients’ complaints.

• Learn key strategies for differentiating conditions with similar symptoms
• Explore foundational assessment principles and advanced orthopedic tests
• Gain innovative treatment strategies that are both evidence-based and highly effective
• Review anatomical & biomechanical of the low back, hip/pelvis, and lower extremity
• Clinical neurodynamics: key concepts related to assessment and treatment of neural pathology
• Understand the biomechanics and pathology of a variety of conditions

Covers issues of the back, hips, pelvis, and lower extremities. We explore how these regions are fundamentally interconnected, and how conditions thought to be in the extremities can originate in the torso or hip/pelvis. We also explore dysfunction in peripheral nerves, which can cause long term chronic pain.

Conditions Covered
Complicated low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, piriformis syndrome & other nerve impingement conditions, iliotibial band friction syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome & other knee injuries, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, neurodynamic testing and nerve mobilization techniques.

CE Certificate
Provided at end of workshop; 16 CEs are awarded with full participation of workshop. An additional 4 maybe be received if you participate in the online introductory course (download CEs for this course online).

Qualifies for NCB Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate
Workshop qualifies toward the NCBTMB Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate. This innovative program is one of the profession’s most respected certificates that prepares professionals in advanced clinical therapy for treating musculoskeletal conditions. Program content includes the critical health sciences and clinical reasoning knowledge that provides the foundation for effective and successful treatment and professional growth. It also provides in-depth study of musculoskeletal conditions, assessment strategies, and treatment solutions. For more information, go to

$340 with early registration (3 weeks in advance); $360 after

Cancellation Policy
Full refund up to 2 weeks in advance of workshop. Cancellations after 2 weeks will have credit placed on account for use on another course. Upon a cancellation of program by the Academy of Clinical Massage, full refunds will be provided. The Academy will bear no financial responsibility other than the cost of the program, course, or workshop upon cancellation. Cancellations by the Academy only occur due to natural disasters, medical or other emergency, or if the workshop does not have a minimum of 10 people.

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