Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy


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Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy

Whitney Lowe’s key text on orthopedic assessment in massage therapy and its application to musculoskeletal conditions. The text is an integral part of Lowe’s online orthopedic massage courses and program, and is available free in certain packages. This text, and other curriculum, is also available to schools with a licensing agreement.


Written specifically for the soft-tissue practitioner who works with clients with musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Lowe covers both basic and advanced assessment, and demonstrates how these concepts are applied to specific conditions. Readers learn from easy-to-understand descriptions and explanations, while also benefiting from Lowe’s clear and organized details of how the protocols are applied specifically.

The text functions both as an assessment primer, as well as a musculoskeletal pathology reference. Those that need to review or learn the foundational principles of history, observation, palpation, the range-of-motion and manual-resistive tests have detailed, yet concise explanations to refer to. Those with more advanced understandings have a valuable reference text on the nature of specific pain and injuries, and how they would be evaluated.

Lowe’s text has a wealth of information, but in a compact work. Laborious and complex concepts are transformed into manageable and practical protocols.

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Orthopedic Assessment applies established orthopedic assessment methods to massage therapy evaluation. The first section of the text covers important basics, such as how soft-tissues function in health and injury, what roles tissue play in the body, and the primary ways in which soft-tissues are damaged. This first section is exceptionally helpful for those new to assessment, as you explore how the body functions both in health and in injury.

In the remaining sections, the symptoms, causes, and evaluation of numerous common conditions seen in the soft-tissue clinic are discussed in detail. Included in these chapters are the basics of range-of-motion, manual resistive, and special testing. This material provides a unique and helpful introduction to assessment to those who are new at this type of evaluation, while also being a useful reminder section for those in practice.


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