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CRM Schedule

The following workshops meet the requirements of the Hands-On component of the Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate.

  • Workshops that involve upper body regions (head, neck, upper torso, upper extremities) meet the Upper Body requiremen
  • Workshops that involve the lower body or back (back/torso, low back, hips/pelvis, lower extremity) meet the Lower Body requirement for course information and cost, click “Register.”

The instructors listed below are independent of the Academy of Clinical Massage. These courses have been approved to be

Start DateLocationInstructorCourseRegister
6/19/19Pottstown, PAJames WaslaskiLower Body Register
6/21/19Pottstown, PAJames WaslaskiUpper Body Register
6/22/2019WalthamJames IvaskaHipRegister
6/23/2019Waltham James IvaskaLeg And FootRegister
6/30/2019ChampaignDoug NelsonLevel Two SpineRegister
7/17/19DUBLIN IrelandJames WaslaskiLower BodyRegister
7/17/19Dublin IrelandJames WaslaskiLower Body Register
7/19/19DUBLIN IrelandJames WaslaskiUpper BodyRegister
7/19/19Dublin, IrelandJames WaslaskiUpper Body Register
7/28/2019Falls Church VA James IvaskaLower Extremity Register
7/31/19Tustin, CAJames WaslaskiLower Body Register
8/2/19Tustin, CAJames WaslaskiUpper Body Register
8/21/19Tampa, FLJames WaslaskiLower Body Register
8/23/19Tampa, FLJames WaslaskiUpper BodyRegister
09/07/2019Portland, ORTil LuchauWhiplashRegister
9/14/2019Portland/Lake OswegoJulie NicholsPNMT ShoulderRegister
9/15/2019Lake OswegoJulie NicholsArm and HandRegister
9/15/2019Boise, IDChristopher SovereignCervical SpineRegister
09/21/2019Boulder, COTil LuchauNeck, Jaw, & HeadRegister
09/28/2019Suwanee, GAWhitney LoweUpper BodyRegister
10/5/19Portland, ORJames WaslaskiUpper BodyRegister
10/06/2019Chicago, ILTil Luchau Leg, Knee, & FootRegister
10/12/2019Ashland, ORBruce NelsonLEG, KNEE, & FOOTRegister
10/12/2019Charlotte, NCJames IvaskaPNMT Low BackRegister
10/12/19Minneapolis, MNJames WaslaskiLower BodyRegister
10/13/2019Charlotte, NCJames IvaskaPNMT Thoracic SpineRegister
10/19/2019Portland, ORTil LuchauArm, Wrist & ShoulderRegister
10/30/19Dallas/Ft. WorthJames WaslaskiLower BodyRegister
10/30/19Dallas/Ft. Worth, TXJames WaslaskiLower BodyRegister
11/1/19Dallas/Ft. WorthJames WaslaskiUpper BodyRegister
11/1/19Dallas/Ft. Worth, TXJames WaslaskiUpper BodyRegister
11/3/2019Champaign, ILDoug NelsonLevel Two LowerRegister
12/07/2019Portland, ORTil LuchauScoliosisRegister
12/8/2019Falls Church,VAJames IvaskaHead and NeckRegister
01/25/2020Portland, ORTil LuchauSpine, Ribs, & Low BackRegister
08/29/2020Portland, ORTil LuchauPelvis, Hip, & SacrumRegister
10/17/2020Portland, ORTil LuchauNeck, Jaw, & HeadRegister

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