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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 07: Scoliosis and Manual Therapy

Listen to the audio podcast of the episode by clicking here   Whitney Lowe:                 So, welcome everybody to this episode of The Thinking Practitioner. Til, how are you today? Til Luchau:                          Doing great, Whitney. Thanks. Whitney Lowe:                 Good. Well, we’re going to be diving into some lateral curvatures today I think is our topic. I […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 06: Tendons and Tendinopathies

Whitney Lowe:                 Welcome to the Thinking Practitioner podcast. Til Luchau:                         A podcast where we dig into the fascinating issues, conditions, and quandaries in the massage and manual therapy world today. Whitney Lowe:                 I’m Whitney Lowe. Til Luchau:                         And, I’m Til Luchau. Whitney Lowe:                 Welcome to the Thinking Practitioner. Til Luchau:                         Welcome to the Thinking Practitioner. […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 04: Key Challenges Facing Our Field, Part 1

Til Luchau:                         This episode is sponsored by ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. I love ABMP. Their membership combines, as they say, the insurance you need, the free CE you want including a lot of webinars with myself and with Whitney, and the personal service you deserve featuring the dynamic new five-minute muscles review app […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 03: Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Whitney Lowe:                 Okay, welcome, everyone. And how are you doing today, Til? Til Luchau:                         It’s a good day. It’s great to be here. I’m looking forward to our topic here, looking forward to diving in. Whitney Lowe:                 Great. We’re going to be looking at some issues related to sacroiliac challenges today, and this is certainly […]

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Understanding Assessment Biomechanics

The physical examination component of a comprehensive assessment includes the application of crucial knowledge and skills for the massage therapist. Performing these skills and analyzing the results form a critical core of the practitioner’s success in treating pain and injury conditions. Accurate assessment provides a foundational understanding of the client’s current condition and is the […]

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Lesson Plans 05: Formative and Summative Assessment

Assessment is a significant focus for educators. Yet, the vast majority of massage therapy educators have not had any formalized training in educational theory to adequately understand both the role of assessment and the different types of assessment activities built into a curriculum. Two words that you may hear often discussed around assessment are formative and summative assessment. A […]

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