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Venn diagram of the three branches of kinesiology

Kinesiology For The Massage Therapist

Understanding human movement is crucial for massage therapists, especially those specializing in pain and injury. This scientific study of movement, known as kinesiology, forms the foundation of orthopedics, the medical field dedicated to addressing issues within the body’s movement system. In school, your kinesiology study may have focused on memorizing muscle actions. The value of […]

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Image of the coracoacromial arch

Is That A Supraspinatus Or Subscapularis Issue?

Introduction Rotator cuff pathology is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. However, it is common for someone to get a diagnosis of a rotator cuff tear or dysfunction without specifying which rotator cuff muscle(s) is/are involved. The rotator cuff comprises four muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis. These muscles are regularly […]

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The long head of the biceps tendon

An Inside Look at Bicipital Tendinopathy

Introduction Bicipital tendinopathy is a frequent source of anterior shoulder pain. The condition usually arises from overuse or adverse forces affecting the tendon. It is common with overhead shoulder movements like swimming, tennis, or throwing. It can also stem from work-related motions. Distinguishing its pain from similar shoulder issues requires thorough assessment for accurate recognition. […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 18: Ann Blair Kennedy and Kemi Balogun: Project COPE

Whitney Lowe: Welcome to The Thinking Practitioner podcast. Til Luchau: A podcast where we dig into the fascinating issues, conditions, and quandaries in the massage and manual therapy world today. Whitney Lowe: I’m Whitney Lowe. Til Luchau: And I’m Til Luchau. Welcome to The Thinking Practitioner. Whitney Lowe: Welcome to The Thinking Practitioner. Til Luchau: […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 09: Descending Modulation in Manual Therapy

Listen to the audio podcast of the episode by clicking here. Til Luchau: Happy spring everybody. Whitney Lowe: Yeah. Very good. Okay. It’s still wintertime while we’re recording this. A good day for us to be diving into some neurophysiology today. I think something like that. Is that what we’re doing today? Til Luchau: Always […]

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