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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 17: Who Charts Our Path?

Whitney Lowe: Welcome to The Thinking Practitioner Podcast. Til Luchau: A podcast where we dig into the fascinating issues, conditions, and quandaries in the massage and manual therapy world today. Whitney Lowe: I’m Whitney Lowe. Til Luchau: And I’m Til Luchau. Welcome to The Thinking Practitioner. Whitney Lowe: Welcome to The Thinking Practitioner. Til Luchau: […]

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Episode 16: Benny Vaughn- Black Lives Matter

Til Luchau: Hi, this is Til Luchau and this episode is sponsored by ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. ABMP membership includes 50 plus member discounts on everything from massage tables and supplies to cellphone service. And all members can access 200 plus continuing education courses with free CE hours. You can read ABMP’s award-winning […]

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The Thinking Practitioner Episode 09: Descending Modulation in Manual Therapy

Listen to the audio podcast of the episode by clicking here. Til Luchau: Happy spring everybody. Whitney Lowe: Yeah. Very good. Okay. It’s still wintertime while we’re recording this. A good day for us to be diving into some neurophysiology today. I think something like that. Is that what we’re doing today? Til Luchau: Always […]

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Episode 5: Documentation and Electronic Health Records with Diana Thompson

Til Luchau: This episode is sponsored by Handspring Publishing. When I was looking for a publisher for my own advanced myofascial techniques book, I was lucky enough to have two offers. One from a giant international media subsidiary and the other from Handspring, a small publisher up in Scotland, run by four lovely people. I’m […]

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The Role of Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

Overview Unlike other healthcare fields, such as physical therapy or occupational therapy, massage therapy is actually two primary “tracks.” The first track is geared towards the use of massage as a personal care service, with a focus of general relaxation and wellness enhancement. While massage performed for personal care can enhance health, the focus of […]

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